Cineflex ELITE

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  • The Cineflex ELITE gyro-stabilized camera system is a compact, light-weight Super 35 format digital production camera systems.
  • The Cineflex ELITE integrates the proven 5-axis stability of our Cineflex camera systems with state of the art Canon Premier® lenses and the award winning ARRI Alexa® camera & Red Dragon.
  • The Cineflex ELITE is compatible with a variety of certified mounts and can be rigged in one-fourth the time of other Super 35 format digital production camera systems on the market.
  • System Features
    • High-Definition Super 35 Format Imagery
    • Compact Size and Weight
    • 5-Axis Gimbal Assembly for Unmatched Stability
    • Reliable Operation in the Harshest Environments
    • Easily Integrated Onto a Wide Variety of Platforms
    • Compatible with existing Cineflex mounts
    • Interchangeable Lens Options
    • Easy Accessibility to Control Functions
    • Fiber Optic Video Data Transfer
    • Video Metadata for Post Production Editing

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