Gizmo Prime – roll ring configuration

Gizmo Prime – No side support configuration

Active Camera Systems is pleased to announce that we now have the GIZMO-PRIME head available for hire. This is a fully stabilized lightweight remote head that performs exceptionally well with camera packages of up to 30 kg. Its modular design uses dovetail slides to easily change from 3 to 2 Axis in minutes.

In Three Axis, the head only weighs 19 kg (42 Pounds), making it one of the lightest stabilized systems that can hold a full package.

The advanced digital stabilization gives excellent results and incorporates technology that ensures the system:-

  • Maintains Stabilized Roll Position during fast tracking vehicle turns & pivots.
  • Gives True Horizontal Panning and Vertical Tilting even when the Head is no longer level.
  • No Gyro Lock.
  • Auto Horizon.

The Head is controlled and run through a single Data line. This line can control:

  • Pan / Tilt / Roll
  • Video Lens, Zoom, Focus & Iris
  • Video Tape Run (VTR)
  • Video Camera Power
  • Film Lens Focus, Zoom & Iris (Preston)
  • Film Camera Run (Turnover)
  • Stabilization on all axis


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